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Yeah, what a waste. I was thinking the same thing. Come on, Granddad was old anyway; let him die in peace. And what about Hangetsu? What did he wish for? He didn't even help himself. Who knows what he actually accomplished; maybe he helped out Yuuhi somehow.
Not to mention that fact that granddad is just gonna die anyway when Samidare smashes the planet... so Yuuhi successfully extended his life by however long it is until samidare smashes the world... woo

Hangetsu, i think his wish was to see Noko once more before he died, or possibly to be reunited with Noko in death... He always wanted to go out a hero, and considering he was dying i think he should get his own wish instead of giving it to someone else...

Yuuhi's wish was really the only blatant plot device thus far... he wasted it on his granddad when he could have used it for Samidare had he known about her condition, and all things considered you KNOW he would rather save her life before his grandfather's if he had to choose; even after his whole revelation thing... especially if you add in the logic that granddad was doomed to die with or without the wish from his point of view; either he dies now naturally, or he dies when Sami makes the world goes boom
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