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Hajimete no Aku

Genre(s) - Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Slice Of Life
Artist - Fujiki Shun
Status - Ongoing (weekly)


In the spring of Kyoko's first year in high school, Eiko, a girl like a sister to her, returns with her younger brother, Jiro.
The return isn't that big of a deal, but Jiro (self proclaimed super mad scientist) has it in his head that he wants to operate on Kyoko!
And, what's even more, the two of them are actually high ranking members of an Evil organization at the run from the heroes of justice!
As if high school didn't have enough problems already, now she has to deal with these two living with her.

Anyone reading this besides me? So uhm, Ive just recently read this, and It's one of the funniest manga out there (well for me at least) I know the story is kinda cliche but its actually good and definitely worth a try
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