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If it was, it was shoddily handled, as we still haven't had any clear communication by the end of the last episode.

We don't hear what Alto wanted to say to Sheryl in the make up room. We don't know the meaning of the Alto-Klan rooftop scene. We don't know what Ranka meant when she said that she wouldn't lose in love (does this mean that she's going after Alto? Or that she'll make sure that she and her-boyfriend-who-isn't-Alto have a much better love than Sheryl/Alto?).

No, I think Alto's and Grace's exchange is the Main Theme of the series: Because people are individuals we can love (as I loosely translated their exchange in the final battle).

Vajra and Galaxy are both the antithesis of that statement, and the main villains of the series, and it is the main character who delivers that statement to the villain just before the final blow.

It would also fit with Alto accepting himself and his past. He doesn't have to be a macho man in order to be a man, he is who he is.

Same with how he expected Ozma to be this responsible brother/mentor figure, which he superficially resembled (at least if you're used to stories and characters, like through kabuki), but Ozma as an individual isn't just a stock character from the stage.

Same with Ranka's belief that Alto's flight was a declaration of love, despite the fact that the coordinated flying was not from Alto as an individual.

The fact that Alto become more a part of everything in Frontier after accepting that everyone goes their individual ways also fits.

Main Theme: Individuality (Main conflict)
Sub Theme: Communication (The source of many conflicts)
Sub-Sub Themes: Everything else

And this just became so off-topic. Um, so what does everyone think about the Ranka promos for the next movie? Personally, I'm apprehensive. TFS went and aged up Ranka a bit, but from the promotional posters, it seems like WoG will undo that work.
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