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4. What if she's arrested and separated from the rest for aiding Grace, waiting for an investigation and trial.

5. Will she concentrate on Alto while Ozma is arrested along with Quarter crew for running away with weapons of mass destruction, waiting for their investigation and trial? When Brera is arrested for his part in Grace's plan, waiting for his investigation and trial?

6. Will she run after Alto while placed under protection until people, who watched her lead a charge of killer bugs that killed at least a few hundreds, if not a few thousand, people, and doesn't believe the government when they say that she didn't know what she was doing and therefore is not even tried for accidental manslaughter, anyway, until people stop trying to mete their own justice against her?

7. Will she try to catch Alto even after learning that he and Sheryl already live together?

8. Will Alto even return her feelings?
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