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Wow, you manged to change the happy ending with the sad ending where everyone from the Quarter will get arrested and possibly executed....(your charge--running away with WMD was a very serious offence lol--the only fitting penalty for that crime got to be death-penalty)

Using your logic to go further, I would say that Frontier wants to develop their own songstress to control Vajra, so Ranka and Sheryl got to be terminated

Therefore, Frontier creates a little accident--unfortunately Alto (that player XD) get involved and all 3 of them, along with the crew on Macross Quarter, gets united in heaven

No wonder they don't give us season 2...

This is getting off-topic so I would stop

But your analogy doesn't include analogy would be, a kid (Alto) always likes Toy A (Ranka), but due to the circumstance his mom got him toy B (Sheryl)..well after some period of time, the kid happens to like toy B but he never forgets toy that he has the chance to have Toy A, he decides to collect them (Toy A and B) all

I doubt 2nd movie will have a resolution either...Kawamori will not be that dumb so that a fan base on certain side will not buy the DVD..I think the movie won't have a resolution, but there will be Ranka ending and Sheryl ending in the DVD...
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