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Well I don't see Veritas and The Breaker on your list, so I'll go ahead and recommend them 2.
Heads up tho Veritas ends on a kinda sudden note but it's said there may be a 2nd part of the series to come, who knows tho.
The Breaker is the same but it's 2nd part has already started and under way with 11 chapters, also it's now called The Breaker: New Waves
Also another note is they do have a supernatural element to them but that doesn't really take away from the kick ass ass kicking going on

Just to say I prefer Veritas more between the 2 series.

I'll 2nd Change 123 and History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Other series to check out could be

Tekken Chinmi Legends - this is really just purely about the Martial Arts and fighting, the whole Tekken Chinmi series is for that matter.

Full Contact is pretty good for some mild light hearted karate stuff, got romance and toyboyish girl, that yea altho tomboyish still very cute

Oh and I can't forget Pretty Face, thing is this is not quite so serious, has some gender bending to it...kinda, very funny tho and an all time fav of mine.

This isn't something that fits but I just have to say it anyway for any fan of manwha, have to have a look at ID, if you haven't I highly recommend that you do in your spare time, awesome manwha!
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