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Originally Posted by JRendell View Post
Exactly. It's what the whole story revolves around, and now the OP knows about it. It doesn't really matter what chapter it happens in.

For example, it's like saying;
Spoiler for Bleach Ep 1:
Read series description, they mentione even more than that!

Spoiler for Fragment from series description:

I didn't even mention the last part!

Seriously, there is no way you can give a normal description without mentioning some of the bases.

What kind of description do you expect?
A guy named Tsukune went to a new school which happened to be not what he expected and his companion Moka is not normal as he thinks...

It gives slightly different impression and doesn't sound too exciting, don't you think? Actually it sounds quiet standard like, a lot of shows can be described that way, just change the names.
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