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The first Sheryl Song in Ep 22

GG Fansub translation:

Everyone calls me a fairy.
And I answer them.
I don't feel it because of the burden in my heart.
I flew into the sky...
I met you, and quivered in love
I've shed the feathers of my confusion
Soaked by the rain I've come back to life and fly away.
Call for me...
For another day...
With your voice...
There's nothing to regret since it's just our secret love.
Tell me that you love me...

A different translation (source)

Everyone calls me by the name “Fairy”.
And I live up to my name.

I sense no heaviness in my heart.
So I could fly across the vast space.

Ever since I came to know you, I have been quivering in love,
As I stood in bewilderment, feeling vulnerable, with my wings soaked in rain,
I woke up to my calling. Fly away. (Call out to me)
For another day. (In your own voice)
With no regrets. Just secret love.
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