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I can't resist the bait.... ()

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Oh man that had me rolling. Especially the 3rd pic.
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I don't think either of the heroines are really all that beautiful. They're cute in some shots but average in most, possibly due to the inconsistent art/style. To me, Myung's still the prettiest of all the leads in Macross.
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You sent me crawlin' after the 3 shots. I still have the needle for balloon bursting in the first. A nice face for "maturity"... nice one. The plat de résistance... an epic fail... I was laughing so hard with that one.
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*Sigh* She... slept with somebody who raped her. Come on.

I do not know if you are joking, or not.

That is unfortunately, not a fact. In Japan or overseas. Even on that pro-Ranka blog, Sheryl is still more popular according to her own polls.

- Tak
It was a extended metaphor in comparison with Sheryl.
Who seriously thinks that Ranka is beautiful as she is now(except the ones for who the beauty is in the eye of the beholder) ?
Everybody knows she is cute but not beautiful. Maybe she will become one when she comes back , though.
All the term " mature, determined, selfless "were used by the ones who support Sheryl to describe her character.
I take them to show how this is by far easy to stick up for a character who is already beautiful, mature,determined,selfless , unlike Ranka who has a lot of defects but that's what make her being the original one in this show.
I even made an allusion to Kawamori, knowing he is the one who wanted to make Ranka's character as she is now.
Since the start, he made her look like, under her age, not confident in herself...
So in doing this, he knew perfectly that, it would be more easy for the people to blame her character than it would be, to do so with Sheryl.
It's clear that people who do not want to see her character's growth beyond the little girl who just knows how to stickpeople like glue, are indeed taking the bait here.
This is not because I prefer Ranka's character that I automatically think she is perfect, beautiful, mature...
I even add " she is the most popular girl of the show" ....
Everybody knows here, Sheryl is the one popular, not Ranka.
It was a understatement, I thought it was obvious but looks like it was not.
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