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Originally Posted by Tak View Post
Oh, we see character growth on her behalf, it just came, at least for me, too little too late.

- Tak
Originally Posted by kilroy0097 View Post
Unless there is a second season in which case it's just right.

OK, this is maybe too little too late or a second season is a must to acknowlodege her character's growth, BUT :

Spoiler for Ranka:

Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
He's not talking about just here, when you talk about popularity it's not a question of whether Sheryl is more popular, it's more a matter of by how much. Even on 2ch the realm of lolicon fans prefers Sheryl.
I think we can agree here. But do you think that because Sheryl is more popular than Ranka is, there is no way , the staff can do something like an Alto who rushes towards Ranka at the end ?
The plot is already resolved for them since a long time. The statement which say that , there are more sheryl fans so at least even if she is cured, she will end up with alto is not a obvious choice ....
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