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Originally Posted by Seifall View Post
The plot is already resolved for them since a long time. The statement which say that , there are more sheryl fans so at least even if she is cured, she will end up with alto is not a obvious choice ....
The problem with this statement is that you cling to this default end that you believe, yet without any serious analysis on what makes one characters better, in majority opinion than another.

Ranka had been given a lot of options. More so than Sheryl ever had in the show's entirety. Sheryl had one thing, her career, but otherwise nothing. Ranka had everything, friends, family, career, and even mysterious powers that nobody else had. Throughout the show, we saw her steadily climbing up the social ladder, but never really fallen. Yet, when she encountered a slight setback, she faltered almost immediately. To many of us, she had taken her success, as with everything else, for granted. As if what she possessed throughout this entire series were hers by default, but she can not deal with a little disagreement (to put it nicely). Then she made a relatively irrational choice at the end of 21. It was a decision seemingly made on the go, without the consultation of those around her, even leaving her best friend behind without saying goodbye. While she left notes for Ozma and informed Alto at the last minute, she made no such effort to leave anything for Nanase, who had been a staunch (perhaps too much) supporter for her throughout the series. Perhaps she made the right decision by going to the Vajra home world, unfortunately, she also picked the worst time to do so, and at the end, left Alto confused to the excess. Yet, we were never told why she wanted to go to the Vajra planet.

Sheryl on the other hand, fell from grace in one of the most dramatic way I've yet seen in fiction. In addition to a frail body, she had nothing else but herself (although at this time, she at least has Alto) and her songs. Moreover, unlike Ranka, she never took the world or anyone and anything around her for granted. Nonetheless, Sheryl's determination allowed her to climb back up from point zero with her own two feet, and to resume the position as yousei of, at least this time, Frontier.

You also have to understand that this is a woman deceived from childhood to become a weapon. It was unfortunate that the experiment gone terribly wrong. Yet, she never complaint about her situation even after learning the truth. She was shocked, yes, but she continued facing each day with fierce determination and as much positive outlook as she can muster. She knew her life was short and she had nothing, but that did not stop her from continuing living without entering a state of depression. She remained a person who exercised logic, not only did she fought on in face of certain death, she also demonstrated that through her selflessness, she still cared for others around her and the person she loves. It was clear that Mike, and especially Klan, found her qualities to be most admirable. We too, found her qualities to be most admirable.

Regardless, if she had the power, given her character, she would have done everything that Ranka could with precision and professionalism.

In fact, I think it is with much justification if I say, in the catalogue of strong (physically or mentally) female characters, Sheryl Nome stands out from the rest of the crowd by being the most emotionally determined and the most emotionally powerful character ever to appear in a work of fiction.

Thus, why the majority preference for Sheryl over Ranka not only here, but in the opinions of Japanese fandom and fandom from overseas? The desire for her well-being and the union with her love at the end of the series? I believe the reasons are quite obvious. At the end, it matters not who wins the love triangle, Sheryl will always be a better woman.

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