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ch 5

I wonder if someone can confirm whether the demon lord wants Hilda to be the baby's "mother" or just his nanny. The translation says mother but I think it would have been better for it to be left as "parent". I checked ははおや and it can also mean female parent.

At first when I read it, I thought there's the implication that the demon lord wants Hilda to be the mom... as in a concubine.

The page in question,
Spoiler for raw:

I read a chinese scan and the demon lord said "Just think of yourself as his mother. I'm counting on you." whereas the english scan says "I've intended for you to be the mother. I'm counting on you." Obviously the word choice and tone is different, and hence a bit misleading. But what I gather is, he wants Hilda to care for the baby and nothing else.

Anyway, it was a fun chapter. I LOL'ed when the baby wet the bed, I mean room... and Oga went ahead and tie a knot to his little elephant hahaha... No diaper is able to absorb all those urine.
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