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Well, I am more than content. I have been looking for an anime that really fits the criteria of Code Geass, and Death Note. There should be more anime's like these, than stupid Yaio anime's.

For the new one, they should have a new protagonist in a different country, getting the geass power by C.C. An older Suzaku, and Kallen should make a cameo, with at least one of them getting married and having children, or showing something to indicate they moved on. Lelouch can make media appearances on television, or posters, or books, just like Hitler. It would be great if by this time, the world found out the truth about Zero Requiem, and did not care much, as it was too long ago. Also, if some characters looked like the ones in Code Geass, that wouldn't be too bad either.

I am just a hopeful. Since it is a rebirth, I am assuming, that it will be a new story with either new character's or old one's with a different plot. In that case, it would kind of suck. Other than that, I can't wait. YAY!!!
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