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Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
When did I say a word about power up?
By Bleach reference I meant how main character is stealing spotlight from everyone for no apparent reason.
It is simply ridiculouse that some kid is owning high class magicians and scientists all the time while actual high class people get shit kicked out of them.

Yes he does have the special arm but after so many beaten down enemies, shouldn't the dark side made some kind of research on him by now and found the counter attack to his arm or at least attempted something?

All I saw so far was "Oh, you have a special arm! Whatever, I still we act as before and will get a punch in the face HAHAHAHA!"

Wow... so much suspence that I'm exploding from excitement... NOT.
Like others have said, there's a reason for that, but if I said it then it would be a spoiler.

Remember that it's not just Touma's right hand that's letting him win. Touma has been racking up tons of fighting experience. Index started on July 19th, and the date that this arc took place should be around September 26th. In that short span of time, Touma went up against Mikoto (who knows how many times she's demanded a fight from him before Index even started), Stiyl, Kanzaki, Pendex, Aureolus, Accelerator, Tsuchimikado, Ouma, Sherry, Saiji and the Amakusa Catholics, Agnese and 250 battle nuns, Oriana (three times), and Biagio so far (if I remember correctly), and since he was an excellent street fighter from the beginning then he's probably taken down quite a few other people before then. He actually uses his head in battle to form strategies to beat his enemies, even though the anime may not always show it, and has both sharp instincts and fast reflexes to boot.

That's not to say I'm not tired of Touma always preaching and punching, but I thought I'd give a little justification as to why this is.

And if you've seen the end of the episode, there WAS an order from the RCC to investigate Touma and eliminate him if deemed a threat. The problem with trying to investigate him fully is that it would probably risk clashing directly with Academy City itself. There's already a lot of tensions rising because of the events in the second season, and I suppose that the RCC tried to put it off until Touma became so much of an obstacle to them that he could not be ignored.
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