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Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
And certain aztec magician took down a level 4 with no problems .
Two things, one- Again you're using examples that are clearly not scrubs in this series.

Secondly, we do not know the details behind that attack, so how can you say whether there wasn't any problem or not?

Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
When did I say a word about power up?
By Bleach reference I meant how main character is stealing spotlight from everyone for no apparent reason.
It is simply ridiculouse that some kid is owning high class magicians and scientists all the time while actual high class people get shit kicked out of them.
Simple question, if you only have one named villain each arc, who do you think is going to fight him/her? It's a meaningless complain, like why does Zakuro have to be the one to finish off the enemy? Or why does Shana have to be the one fighting?

Btw, I can point out that Stiyl and Amakusa stole Touma's spotlight with the giant flaming golem and Accelerator stole his spotlight beating up Awaki before he gotten there.

(That said, I may not be following Bleach anymore, but I clearly recall that the other characters each have their own little fights that they can settle just fine without him. Also, what Bleach and other shounen series have that toaru don't? Wasted named characters that serve as folders. You know those kind, just to make the others look busy.)

Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
Yes he does have the special arm but after so many beaten down enemies, shouldn't the dark side made some kind of research on him by now and found the counter attack to his arm or at least attempted something?
Secondly, Up to this point none of the incident has been meant to target Touma, I won't be surprise if only very recently they even heard of his name let alone can begin to understand his power.

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