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Originally Posted by kitten320 View Post
When did I say a word about power up?
By Bleach reference I meant how main character is stealing spotlight from everyone for no apparent reason.
It is simply ridiculouse that some kid is owning high class magicians and scientists all the time while actual high class people get shit kicked out of them.

Yes he does have the special arm but after so many beaten down enemies, shouldn't the dark side made some kind of research on him by now and found the counter attack to his arm or at least attempted something?

All I saw so far was "Oh, you have a special arm! Whatever, I still we act as before and will get a punch in the face HAHAHAHA!"

Wow... so much suspence that I'm exploding from excitement... NOT.
>> He is the main character and the primary focus of the series. You are definitely misjudging with your opinion on Touma stealing the spotlight from everyone, though. Take note that Touma's interaction with enemies and allies alike contribute to the plot, and there are those who seem to share his ideals although they have not encountered.

>> It is also evident that you have not watched the Second Season based on how you judged Touma's current success. He was almost defeated by Oriana, who knew how to defend herself without magic, and is currently the only one to bring him to defeat aside from Aureolus in the magic side.

Meanwhile, other characters do not have the absolute protection of the Imagine Breaker, so they have to use their abilities to fight, even risking being killed in the process.

>> Imagine Breaker is a power that interests Aleister and baffles the entire magic side, even the bigwigs from the Roman Catholic Church. It is merely the nature of the Imagine Breaker, so it's useless to discuss about its origins, especially because the plot has not finished.
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