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As for Rowling, I'm on the fence. I think where she goes from here will have a big effect on whether she becomes a classic. A mark against her is that she's largely read for entertainment rather then artistic reasons. But then, that didn't hold back Sherlock Holmes, did it?
Sherlock Holmes basically redefined and established a genre, the detective story. Plus, it helped in that it was a great inspiration for forensic science in literature, never mind it did popularized what we now believe are the basics of forensic science.

I'm not sure what Rowling has done for her genre.

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Can't say for certain, VNs as a whole is held back by it's frequent wish fulfillment and pulpy plots. That said, that's not a hard reason. A lot of more quality VNs are held back because they move in this space, and even though they're well written they can't be understood by a mainstream audience. For instance, a big part of why Higurashi works is due to how it subverts Moe in a gruesome way. A mainstream audience will never really get that aspect of it.
It's also held back by being too much of a niche market.
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