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That is an argument in Rowling's favour, but on the flip side Stephanie Meyer and Dan Brown had high levels of publicity and fanaticism, and yet both of those are by any accounts poor writers. I don't think popularity alone is enough, though it certainly helps.
You make a point there, but I think there is a level of sheer popularity where popularity alone can secure an author a spot in history. A criticism against Harry Potter is that children will be disappointed by the fact it "trains children and adults to expect the roar of the coliseum, a mass-media experience that no other novel can possibly provide."

The article argues that Harry Potter is an anomaly in an age where people are reading less and less fiction. Anomalies tend to get remembered.

Probably, though the game also needs to have staying power. For instance, what will become the classic: Dune 2 or Starcraft? In terms of significance Dune 2 started the genre. However starcraft has a lot more staying power, while almost no one plays Dune 2 any more.
I think significance will matter more in the end that staying power. People studying RTS's will look back at Dune 2 since it is one of the most influential works in the genre, Starcraft will probably remembered more as an eSport than an RTS.

Can't say for certain, VNs as a whole is held back by it's frequent wish fulfillment and pulpy plots. That said, that's not a hard reason. A lot of more quality VNs are held back because they move in this space, and even though they're well written they can't be understood by a mainstream audience. For instance, a big part of why Higurashi works is due to how it subverts Moe in a gruesome way. A mainstream audience will never really get that aspect of it.
Again, I think the way books are moving is toward VN's. Children growing up in a world filled with tablets and interactive content will probably expect all content to be interactive. If I had to choose whether regular novels or visual novels will dominate in 2112, I will choose visual novels.

Of course, that said, I'm not certain that VN's at that time will have much in common other than the format to VN's today, since VN's today are a very niche artform, made by and for a very small group of people, that is gradually getting smaller and smaller.
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