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Originally Posted by ganbaru View Post
A simple question: Which modern ( 1950 and after)authors and what books do you think ( or even hope) will pass the test of time ? Of course, some bad one might ''pass'' the test by simple popularity but most of them should be deserving one.

If I had to choose only 3 modern authors from the US and UK ( than aren't already considered as classique) I would say Lawrence Block, Neil Gaiman and Iaim Banks. For the french one I am tempted to say Albert Camus and Jean Paul Sartre but the only reason reason they aren't classique is because it's beem not enough time.

What is your list ?
That's a long list Ganbaru.
I'll cover the ones that I view as the most likely candidates of SF, Fantasy, and Horror, that--in my humble opinion--will stand the test of time from 1950 onwards.
You'll note that I don't have Stephen King on this list because I don't think his books will last as horror novels. Methinks he'll be relegated to the contemporary drama/fiction category.

Heinlein (most of his catalog, but Star Ship Troopers has the most sticking power)
Asimov (Foundation, I may hate the story because of its horrible dialogue and 1 dimensional characters, but it was a major work of hard SF and that is undeniable)
Clarke (2001, and Rendevous with Rama)
Ursula Le Guin
Poul Anderson
Michael Moorecock
Larry Niven (ringworld has been imortalized by Bungie's Halo)
Alfred Bester (The Stars My Destination)
Philip K. Dick (specifically "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep")
William Gibson (Neuromancer)
Clive Barker (hellraiser, Imagica)
J.R.R. Tolkien
Ann Rice (Interview With the Vampire)
Craig Spector
Dean Koontz
L. Ron Hubbard (Yeah I know...don't even say it , but unfortunately he'll be remembered for years to come)
Fred Saberhagen
Ian Douglas
Tad Williams (Swords of Shenara are practically classics now)
Stephen R. Donaldson (Chronicles of Thomas Covenant)
Frank Herbert (Dune mostly)
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