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Originally Posted by novalysis View Post
Here's a thought: I think we all know that the original Sword Art online volume 1 wasn't the best written of works, and had it's fair share of problems.
As someone who by intention did only read volume 1, I'd like to shortly give my 2 cents of worth: I enjoyed *most* parts of volume 1. I'm sure SAO being the first LN I tried played a factor as well, but the setting seemed interesting and I loved Asuna and Kirito's interaction. Anyone who has bothered to read my general posts, knows I'm a huuuge pure romance fan. Anyway even the side chapters were nice as well. So what "killed" my motivation of reading vol. 2+? The grand finale of vol. 1 or to be precise Asuna's fate. Yes, such a simple thing. It's not that the moment was bad drama (back then this self-created term didn't exisit iirc), but it was simply a strong-impacted "WTF"-moment for lack of better words As with people who tend to get annoyed if there are "only" happy endings, it's the oppoite to me.
So when I read some basic information on vol. 2(+) I was just "meh, not interested at all".

I hope this didn't sound too flame-hating. I'm always for the mindset of "If people enjoy this kind of development/story more power to them"as I'm not interested in ruining the mood for others .
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