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Well, what I meant more is that I don't think most people would be so worried about neg rep that they would refuse to even step into a thread. I'm sure it would be more common to shy away from a discussion after getting a negative rep, which would make them frustrated and/or hurt their feelings; but I don't think most people would be so concerned about getting a neg rep that they would not make that initial first post, and many of those people who dropped out of threads might've also done so because they were being bitched out and dogpiled in the thread itself (in much more obnoxious detail since posts can be much longer than the Twitteresque neg reps). I'm mainly just arguing against posts that were made in the past handful of pages here, I forget what anyone might've said during the early ones; and more than anything I'm disagreeing with the severity of the problems that reputation is believed to present, not whether those problems exist at all. I'm not saying there's no truth to some of the more cynical viewpoints concerning Reputation, but I personally doubt that Reputation makes AnimeSuki discussion markedly, significantly worse as some suggest, that Reputation creates a suffocatingly oppressive atmosphere and that AnimeSuki would be a very different place were it absent; I would imagine that although neg reps cause some amount of drama, that the overall quality of discussion here is impacted only a small amount.
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