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I also want to respond to this before I take a break (just realized I haven't eaten yet today... that's not good... )...

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
I agree with what Gooral wrote about the value of having a wide difference of opinion on threads, so when I saw someone take a bold and controversial stand, I'd often feel compelled to give a "pat on the back" to the person doing that.
This isn't a comment directed at you in particular. I absolutely want to encourage difference of opinions in threads, and I don't mind at all if it's "bold and controversial" so long it's still respectful. But of course, people can give rep, both positive and negative, for any reason and that was by design. So someone makes a really nasty post, but you agree with their opinion? No problem pos-repping that... Someone makes a really thoughtful post, but they are dissing a show you like in the smallest possible way? Neg-rep that... (Again, this isn't you in particular... just in concept.)

As was said, part of this is just human nature, and removing the system won't eliminate this sort of private encouragement. But it did contribute, as you said, to power inflation, and made it so that certain voices were much, much louder than others (and the only way to catch up was basically to pander to people in power).

Anyway, it made what was supposed to be a fun system into a little bit more manipulative than it should have been, at least in my view.

Originally Posted by Dr. Casey View Post
I wasn't trying to ignore your post, by the way (I'm pretty sure I missed it, your summary doesn't ring a bell), gomen ne

And I wasn't trying to support Reputation, so much as I thought other people might've been a little cynical about human nature. If the facts at your disposal prove that I'm wrong, then alrighty; I'm wrong quite a bit.
Sorry -- I wasn't trying to "gang up" on you (or KholdStare). As I said, I haven't eaten yet, so I think I'm getting a bit cranky...

Anyway, suffice it to say, that I do understand perfectly well that all things can be used for good and for evil. It is up to people how to use them. The ways the system was used had both positives and negatives. I'm not trying to downplay the positives; I've always tried very hard to be a good poster as much as possible (ever since I arrived, long before I was on the staff) and there was certainly something flattering about seeing that other people appreciate your sincere efforts. And sometimes you'd get positive rep and you'd just be like "what?" and you wouldn't think anything of it. And even negative rep... honestly, one of the bad things about being an Admin is that I became "immune" to the problems other people had with it because everyone knew that I could see who sent it. But I could still see the behaviour very clearly.

So anyway... there were good things, and there were bad things. If I'm pointing out the bad things, it's only because I've seen that it's there. But I've also seen the positive too, and I think we all have. Seeing all sides will help us come up with a better solution, and I *hope* that the staff and I are providing enough information as we can to help flesh it out (although I know that it's sort of piecemeal).

(Now speaking of meals... )
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