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Question: How does Japanese television work for day or evening programming (regular commericals rather than infomercial late-night programming a lot of anime is in presently)?

I ask because I've heard a lot about late night programming and that production companies buy a timelot and host their own commercials in an effort to gain back their money for not only the timeslot but also the cost of producting the anime. I am wondering is it is different for daytime, afternoon, or evening (though not prime time) programming.

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 will be in the 5pm timeslot on TBS and MBS stations starting sometime in April and I am curious as to what sort of things go on for "regular" television (since most of what I've been seeing in anime has been aired in the late night least originally).

That appear that it will be a rated show if Suzuku's lists are as I think they are.
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