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Originally Posted by SnEptUne View Post
Indeed, I don't understand how good L is. He maybe a capable detective, but as a person, he is no better than Light. Instead of trying to convince Kira to stop killing, he taunts Kira to hope that he would kill someone so that he can capture him.

Both L's and Light's ability is overhyped. Anyone who care would notice the change within Misa. Moreover, as far as I can tell, most of their tactics are full of holes and inefficient. But since this is an anime, I wouldn't argue about it.
I have no idea why you're getting all emo about L's personality.
That has very little importance in this case.

We're not dealing with a petty criminal case here, we're dealing with someone that can, and will, shake the entire world in fear. The worst mass murderer in history of mankind. Perhaps you're getting too attached to Kira side, getting mesmerised by Light and Misa's personality?

Also, you boast to be much more of an intelect than L and Light? orly.
If that's true, I would love to read your mystery novels.
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