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Originally Posted by psycho bolt View Post
I think Misa has done a very stupid thing. Now L will suspect and Light is starting to worry. Can't wait to see the reaction of L in the next episode. I also think watching the OP and End was interesting than the first time I watched.
Not that Misa doing something very stupid is anything unusual

Originally Posted by SnEptUne
To me, Light and L is the same. Bird of a feather maybe? I am not a fan of mystery/suspense story, and I don't write mystery novels because I found it very pointless.
I completely agree with you-- one of the reasons the two of them paced each other so well at the beginning is that they seem to think alike and seem to also hold very similar moral beliefs. Light saw nothing wrong with killing in the name of "justice," and L saw nothing wrong with illegally holding accused people captive and torturing them in the name of "justice." It's especially interesting, in that both ends seem to have backfired on both characters equally: L's torture of Misa and Light didn't solve anything, and Light's killing of various criminals didn't put a stop to crime. "Justice," in the eyes of both characters, has not been served.

This ep was a big improvement, and it's nice to see Rem back I could have done well with much less of Misa, but at least her annoyingness advanced the plot, so hooray!
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