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Originally Posted by ThoHell View Post
Not a bad episode! It seems like Death Note is returning back to the way it use to be.
** manga spoiler snipped **

Originally Posted by defrule View Post
if K and L were not almost matching in standard, they couldn't have kept up the investigation so far, and it is this amazing battle of wits that lured us to start with, isn't it? ( or at least, part of the reasons among the rest)

Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post

I believe that the anime has done a worse job at hiding who the third Kira was upto this point. True that the two have the same dialogue, but its just the way that the shots focused on Higuchi, it was giving it far to much away. I've spoken to many fans who have never touched the manga, and they thought it was him coming into this episode.
i agree over here.. a slow reading of the manga and by total emersion of self into the manga, time seems to hold and stand still longer, creating some sort of stuffy atmosphere while that is what the anime can't create. the pauses that a reader takes is not displayed in the anime whereby you do not control its speed, and therefore sometimes certain emotions cannot be created as when reading. the anime did seem to point out the 3rd kira more obviously, losing the tension and suspicion the manga provides..

sorry if i wrote so long and am so naggy..~

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