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let's see....
konata : sure she's fun, and have much *dangerously too much* in common with me...wait, she's even more hardcore than me XD

miyuki : dunno...she's type-casted as the moe-turned-flesh butsomehow it doesnt' click...urrmmm...too much exaggeration by konata maybe. and her habit of starting/ending her sentence with "o hazukashi nagara" is just..

tsukasa : have i said before that i always dig twins ? i guess i haven't . she's even cuter than miyuki imo iRL sense

kagami : i'm a sucker for tsunderes, go figure and she has a twin sister

so my vote for kagami, though i agree that the chemistry between the characters is what made this show enjoyable kagami without konata won't work and vice versa

a bit off topic, does akira really have a huge*or considerable* fanbase ??
because for me...she's extremely predictable and annoying to boot
(sorry don't mean to offen the fans...just my honest opinion )
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