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well after the crap ending and crap mc from haganai(which started really awesome but goes on a anwfull terrible way) i was much on the fence over this anime and it indeed somehow was for my not "good expectations".

my big complain so far is really the mc, he is really looking like your generic perv trying to be funny mc which a "golden heart" his siscom is overboard and totally disturbing in many ways.

the first minutes which the "imoto jokes" about milk and eggs and she walking naked and kissing him with tongue, i was like wtft this is a hentai serie????, this beginner disturbed me a lot, if i'm was his editor i could be serious thinking in calling the cops or maybe some psichological help, this guy is a serious nut.

I really can understand his sister crossdressing as a guy, having a dangerous brother like that could be really dangerous if she appear as a girl, the danger of him try to turn her in a sexual slut slave is big.

near the end the reason he is refusing her also look very generic for the typical envy mc which think which he is not "worth of it, really very generic plot which will lead him to be able to rise flags which all the girls as he keep his "crushing over the silver haired girl in check because is much more fun fliriting and rising flags with every girl than hook up which the girl which love you and you are jelly of her "better work" and you feel which only after you draw something Better than her" which you must accept if already is on time, i really can see the whole anime and plot just in one episode.

i will try to stick a little giving the 3 rules episodes but it's really looks like your generic harem not fun shinegans.
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