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Originally Posted by Sarun View Post
What can't be ignored is that Medaka Box had terrible/negligble boost from the anime.

Edit: maybe terrible or negligible might not be exactly right.
Because the anime did an atrocious job of selling Medaka Box. They should have started further along the plot- had they begun with the Unzen Arc and treated all the rest of the pre-Unzen arc material as the OVA material it rightfully should, then Medaka's Box true nature as a Meta-mockery of genres would have been manifestedly obvious.

As it is, in the eyes of many anime only viewers, Medaka Box is tainted goods, and to them, Season 2 might as well be full of the same "Love-Comedy cum Slice of Life BS" even if we manga viewers know that Season 2, unless they somehow butcher it in a spate of amazing creativity this Gainax B team has never displayed yet would be even more classically Action-Shounen than the Unzen Arc. But some of those - many infact, who stuck around would be going : Where on Earth is my Slice of Life/Comedy/Student Council Hijinx fix? This isn't Medaka Box. This is just another action Shounen.
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