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I read that this game has a unique leveling system that eliminates grinding, although that's all the information that was released about the leveling system. I have read a lot about this game, and it looks to be one of the best MMO's so far. There's only a couple things I'm worried about:

-Although it mentions you can play as either the angels or the demons, from screens and trailers it doesn't seem to be much of a difference in appearance of the two factions, if any difference at all. The demons look like the angels and vice versa. Unless it's only been showing one faction. I'm kind of hoping the demons get actual demon wings instead of feathered ones.

-Multiple races? It seems there is maybe only one race of people per faction. Or maybe just one race split between two factions. After playing WoW and LoTRO, going down to one race would be a letdown

-No mentions were made of crafting professions. Is there going to be professions? If so, How is the system going to work?

The PVP looks pretty sweet though. For those of you who havn't seen it, this is a clip from E3 2006 of AION PVP testing.
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