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Also Horse.
remember that it's only 2 episodes instead of 3, so your method won't work.
What part of "ufotable failed at planning this show for the TV format" do you not understand? I don't even remember the exact contents of 21 and 22 but they could probably move things around between the episodes to make them close to what I said (since I said those 3 episodes should include the buildups for the fights - that means taking Broskander stuff that happened in #22 if I remember correctly).

I'm really not trying to fix the show (I'm no writer or director) so I'm just pointing out what exactly I'm not enjoying (the pacing) and saying how they COULD have done things differently (without simply hating on the actual story). There's really no way of telling it would actually be better either. It was their job to make a good show and I simply do not think they did - they keep taking the most bland approach that exists.

Obviously my opinion means squat for the sales - the majority loves the show and I don't understand why.
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