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Well personally I thought the ending for Angel Beats wasn't as interpret-it-the-way-you-want" compared to Clannad and LB. They both get reincarnated and meet in real life, happy ending That song "My Song" only existed in that alternative world, both of them recognize it plus they look similar.

As for the LB anime. First impression from the trailer was the characters look different, especially their eyes. It is still uncertain how they will tell the story, how they are gonna handle each arc in addition to the main arc. The VN itself is even longer than Clannad so I hope they don't rush through LB in just one season. Now that I think about it, two seasons of 24 episodes each is like 4 months of painful weekly episodes, not to mention the delay between the seasons. I really can't stand weekly episodes. >.>
Regardless of how long it takes them to complete the anime, I would much prefer they take the time to do it correctly and not rush through the story. Given the way that the VN progressed, I would almost say they would HAVE to give each character their arcs unless they had intentions of changing the story in such a way that it didn't require the arcs (big no-no in my opinion). I've had to learn some serious patience with VN's and anime series, due to the outrageously long wait times for translations, subs, and dubs. Tomoyo-After for instance; I've been waiting on this VN translation for almost 5 years now, and still to this day it is not completed (though it looks to be very close). So I will hold my breath a little longer if it means Key will take the time to do it right.

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One impression I had of the game before I read it all was that everything seemed...artificial to put it simply. The common route had mini-games, scoring tables, fight scenes, the background CGs even seemed a bit off, giving, to me at least, that artificial feeling. Coupled with the technoriffs they used in much of the music gave me that overall impression of Little Busters! routes before Refrain, and that's not even counting Kudo's, Mio's and kurugaya's routes. That's how it all then clicked for me nicely during the denouement when I learned about "the secret of the world".

Though I'm not going to watch the anime, one thing I think would've made a good impression to me, or maybe the viewers, is if they included such evocative things about the world to aid in foreshadowing. Probably noticing the same old students walking to and fro in the background, with quite blank/featureless faces for most of them when Riki's not looking directly at them, or maybe make most places Riki goes to seem empty.
If anything, I think they should have removed some of the foreshadowing. I picked up on the artificiality fairly quickly into the VN and I had already began suspecting some "otherworldly activity." Honestly I think they shouldn't give any hints as to the true nature of things, and then shock the unsuspecting audience with the whole "everyone is dead" scenario. It's just in my opinion that it would make a more significant impact on the audience.
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