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Well, assuming we have to restrict ourselves solely to what Yasu would reasonably know (a notion that annoys me a little, but whatever, it makes sense), she's basing her written Battler on the Battler she actually knows, the letters he sent in 1983, and any information one would gleam from casual conversation since then, since it was only in 1983 that she even learned Battler was in contact with Kyrie. And if we're giving Yasu enough credit to somehow be in the know about a baby switch, a casual "Oh, and how is Battler-sama this year..?" shouldn't be out of the question, even for her, right? Hell, in 1985 (and maaaaybe 84) she could even gleam a little bit of info from Ange who was part of Mariage Sorciere for awhile.

I would also point out that none of the humans is really shown to undergo a huge shift in character over that stretch of time (except Maria and Ange, who were still growing into having a character), and that despite his importance to Yasu, Battler tends to play a relatively small role in forgery narratives (that is, considering that the magic narrative grew pretty substantial after Legend).

I must admit that there is a mention of difference she makes between "the Battler I believed in" and "the Battler George and Jessica kept telling me about", but, I mean, I really wouldn't doubt Battler's presentation in the forgeries any more than I'd doubt Jessica's, or Krauss's, or Kumasawa's. :-/
But EVERYONE is surprised by the new Battler. No one is really any better informed than Yasu, really. And the whole time, everyone keeps talking about how Battler hasn't changed a bit in personality.

Now come on. Compare a 12 year old and an 18 year old. You're telling me there's NO personality differences there? At all? You're telling me someone doesn't change at all during puberty?

You'd need to come out with some sort of explanation that has absolutely no basis whatsoever.
Welcome to Umineko, where we literally have no facts.

It sucks, huh?
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