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About the Toya=Battler and Ikuko=Yasu...

Toya=Battler is strongly supported by Umineko. We could say it's part of the canon solution.

Yes, it's possible that actually this is just apparence and Toya is someone else, going from an actory hired to act Battler's role to a memoryless guy brainwashed into believing he's Battler or unconsciously deluding himself into believing he's Battler or something else I can't think about. Those are all interesting solutions but so far, as far as I'm involved, none of them looked like the intended solution.

Not that I like that much a solution involving the odds of Battler surviving yet reporting memory loss, reaching some place, being saved by a random rich person who keeps him as her secret pet, who incidentaly is a mystery writer and all the stuffs.

It's just it feels like ShKannon or the Italian submarine with the gold or other 'canon solutions'. I don't like them much as solutions but apparently they are the intended solutions.

Ikuko=Yasu isn't as strongly supported. It's not it's impossible Ikuko=Yasu. It's just there's no clear answer. It's entirely possible she's just who she says to be. It's also possible she's not... which doesn't necessary make her Yasu merely... 'not who she says to be'.

I fear that for Ikuko't identity both the 'she's who she says to be' and 'she's Yasu' theory can work in the Umineko setting and that a theory might seem more or less good merely according to preference.

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I had forgotten about that. That's interesting because it contradicts what was said in the meeting with Yukari:

Ikuko: "I believe you suspected that I was the one who hit you for quite some time."
Touya: "Hey, I've already apologized for that......"

I wonder when Touya checked the bumper for damage?
Well, he'd better have done it pretty soon either Ikuko would have had all the time to fix/replace it, or even replace the car.
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