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Originally Posted by garf02 View Post
dont worry, my jap dont goes farther than the average weabo.
no, I was asking is cause I need help wit the text on the Illustration, Im planing to redraw em all, but need a hand with translation of the text
Sorry for the horrible translation:

1. Kuroyukihime
2. Umesato Middle school, Vice President's Avatar (Not really sure about this )
3. Do you want to - <<Accelerate>> further, boy?
4. That person is...
5. Pink Pig
6. Umesato's Very bottom student (Really unsure of this....), Haruyuki's avatar

Hope it helps... OTL Really sorry about this...

Originally Posted by garf02 View Post
I'm a bit confused here... Maa.... I had went to search the old post.... And maybe I was wrong.... It's that Ardor Maiden said that the one who lied, betrayed and forced KYH to disband the guild was her parent.... Or just a misread of the post...

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