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Hime's Parent. Elder sister by one year.

The one who created the impetuous that drove Hime to decapitate Red Rider and the Battle Royale with the Kings that occured right after.

Turns out Hime had also been earlier deceived.

By her own elder sister and Parent whom she respected and utterly trusted.

An ultra calculating person who in order to seek the meaning behind the gun Rider created, went so far as to first use Incarnate ability to trick her, then, when Hime flew into a rage and grabbed a letter knife on impulse when Nega Nebulous collapsed, White Cosmos suffered a suspiciously artificial wound.
Thanks for the translation..... And damn.... I really feel sorry for KYH.... It's no wonder why she doesn't want Haruyuki to meet her, god-knows-what-happen next....

Their relationship is no doubt similar to how she and Haruyuki is... And a feeling a fight between both of them will come out soon or something Just saying...

But wait, if she is one year older.... Does Fuuko know KYH's sis IRL by chance?
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