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Originally Posted by XFire View Post
Well near the end of season 2, Couvert asks Cinque if he plans to marry Milhi, Rebecca, or both. Cinque doesn't even seem to register the whole polygamous taboo, and instead says he wants to beat Nanami first.
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THEY ARE ONLY 10!!!!!!! Don't plan the family trees just yet!
Actually, given that Milhi is royalty, this does make sense. Marriage for royalty tends to be planned out years in advance.

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Methink they're going to pull another StrikerS: Jump the series to 10 years later with no romance whatsoever but with boatloads of ship tease.
Hmm, doubtful. The Nanoha series had several reasons to do a timeskip, but Dog Days doesn't have nearly as many. Not to mention that Dog Days enjoys staying in the "casual plot" area (where, to be perfectly honest, it is at its best. Dog Days does not seem to handle serious plot climax all that well).
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