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Originally Posted by Albafica View Post
By the way, do you think we will see other Gold Saints? Yeah Mars said that Athena wasn't protected by a gold saint, but it can mean different things.
As you know, all of the gold saints died during the hades arc, and the only remaining silver saints are Marin and Shaina

This means, you only have a handful for Bronze saints and them to fill in the shoes of gold saints. Unless they find exceptional new blood, they don't have much to work with. We know Shaina didn't make it to gold, so we can use that as a minimum litmus test.

The story so far seems to suggest that Seiya was the only one out of the old generation that made it to gold saint

Shiryu probably followed his old master and retired to be a trainer

Ikki is probably too proud of being anything another than Phoenix. His cloth is just that awesome.

No sure about the others.
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