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Quality of One Piece Anime is really bad, that is so true!

It used to be much better.

Such a shame.

Anime filler writers problem is follows. They love status quo and hate character growth, they love certain episode guidelines, hate long-term storytelling and nyances and tips to audience.

They don't take funny series seriously or audience seriously. If they need filling, they make Luffy weak, slow, more dumb and in contrast enemy more durable, more numerous and anything that makes episodes last longer.

They think, that everything is fine as long as certain episode guidelines are met, certain shounen cliches have recycled and routines done.

The way filler writers love status quo, is painfully obvious what comes to Naruto, in One Piece however they use more general status quo and that status quo of shounen genre... and that what was applied in Fishman Island. Hody was upgraded to be formidable villain, even he was suppose to be just fodder on steroids. And Luffy was downgraded to typical shounen protagonist in trouble to get some drama.

However that all just looked made up and ridiculous, we all know what they are doing. This kind of brain farts are written usually for some "pokemon"-type animes, which are nothing more than stories to sell toys, so the script is just a load of s*t.
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