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Official thank you thread.

I've seen a number of threads created to thank the wonderful groups that sub all of our favorite shows. Rather than see many different threads created, here is a place to officially thank the groups that you really love most. After all, we know that many, many groups really deserve our thanks. To start things off I would like to thank a few of my favorite groups.
  • I would like to thank AonE for their incredible work on Gokusen. You guys have gone above and beyond with this show. I am impressed by the fact that you translate all the graffitti, but I am mostly impressed by the fact that you are handling all of this yakuza slang. It must be tough to get translations for some of those words.
  • Live-eviL deserves kudos for the variety of shows that you translate. You work to find shows that nobody else is bothering to translate. Shows that are unlikely to get licensed. Shows that really deserve people's attention. You find these shows and sub them so that we can enjoy anime that would otherwise never be seen, let along subbed. You sub Condor Hero, Galaxy Express 999, Magical Fairy Persia, Yawara, and Mermaid's Forest among others. Thank you for exposing us to these gems since nobody else cares as much.
  • I am thanking Seichi for Karakuri Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon. This is a marvelous show that has slipped through the cracks and I am glad that you are offering it to us to enjoy. I am also going to thank you for putting out what was in my opinion the best sub of Gunslinger Girls. In your version you went above and beyond the call of duty by offering us your research on the guns that were used and even more impressively by giving us notes about all of the locations that we saw in Italy. It gave us the sense that this anime was set in our real world. Truly impressive.
  • Ani-Kraze deserves mention for being one of the best groups for translating and editing. I see how hard you people work to get everything just right. This dedication means that your version sometimes take longer than other peoples, but it really pays off in terms of quality. Particular thanks go out for your work on Hundred Stories and Spiral.
  • I have to thank Froth-Bite for Android Ana Maico 2010. When you split off from Infusion it would have been easy to simply pick up with episode 5 where you left off, but instead you cared enough to go back to the beginning so that you could do an even better job than you did the first time. That shows your true spirit as anime fans.
  • A-Source & Lililicious deserve my thanks for their impressive work on Maria-sama ga Miteru. I am surprised that no other group decided to pick up this show, but I doubt that they would have done as good a job as you do. My only complaint is that you didn't include your important translation notes for episode 1 as a special note on the video after the episdoe had ended. Since that was your first episode, I understand that you were still learning to work on this show and it was a tricky situation.
Just because I am singling these groups out to thank right now, doesn't mean that I am dissing anyone else. I love you all, except for a very few, so please don't take a lack of mention as an insult, because it is not. I just don't have the time and space right now to thank everyone whom I love.

Now everyone else may send thanks the groups that they feel deserve a mention for especially great work. (Just don't open up a new thread anymore.)

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