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I'd like to thank ALL groups because they are spending their free time on helping us getting our daily dose of anime addiction , but the following groups get a special notice since i enjoy and dl their fansubs alot:

Lunar Anime: You guys are my favorite group above all, I get just about everything you fansub. Great translations and fonts, and I love the way the text appears piece by piece when characters talk (instead of doing it in shorter phrases as most other groups do).

Anime-Keep and Anime-Empire : What to say, ALOT of great releases and good fansubs from you, I especially enjoy Shingetsutan and Planetes. A special thanks for keeping older series like Tokyo Underground up (which I am enjoying right now!

ANBU & AonE : I prefer their Naruto version over every other, even though they are usually the last one to release the episode (the horror of waiting so long ). Keep it up guys!!

Other groups that I wanna thank are Ani-Kraze( Scrapped Princess), Froth-Bite(DDD), Anime-Junkies (Yumeria, yes they get a ty as well ), Infusion and AnimeForever and many others!

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