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This is what I think happened. The Oriko and Kazumi artists were just given an outline by Gen on the rules of the Madokaverse, and even then these rules weren't even finalized. Case in point: the first Chapter of Kazumi Magica had them fighting different witches than the anime. This was before the origins of witches (Magical Girls become Witches when their Soul Gems get corrupted). When the truth was revealed, THEN we see anime-style witches in Chapter 3. I'm sure that the ending has placed the spin-offs in an even MORE awkward position (old-school witches shouldn't exist post-Madoka wish).

I suspect that they'll probably wave it off as an attempt to simulate Old Madoka Verse Witches , without the creation of Puella Magi's . In fact , I somehow have this theory bouncing around that Kazumi Magica is set after Madoka Magica , and that the entire plotline revolves around a faction of Puella Magi's that despise the endless war they're in , and is trying to break the system , and if possible destroy the creator of the system . I can just imagine that , if somehow , some Puella Magis have some knowledge of the existence of Madoka ( even if it's only existence , and possibly name ) , there would be quite a few that would like to destroy her and have the system re organized - or broken forever.

Of course , if they succeed , millions , if not billions of Puella Magi's are going to get SCREWED . Again.
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