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Originally Posted by Matrim
I am now starting to suspect the manager, simply because he is voiced by Seki Toshihiko (yes, I know, he does not always voice the villain ).
Lies! If his character lasts until the end of the episode you can safely assume he's evil Poor Seki, he's so typecast.

After this episode Satoko and Rika have both soared in my estimations. It'll be nice to see calm, reliable Mion after she was psycho in the last arc too, Rena already seems to suit both roles. I can't imagine Rika or Satoko going oyashiro now, I don't want them to

Was Tatarigoroshi much longer in the game, or did more happen? Seen as the wiki says this is going to be five episodes and it's apparently *still* skipping loads of stuff.
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