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uugh Mion went a little too far this time! Slapping Rena like that is...unforgiveable
*me boils over*
Originally Posted by Blue_Mercy
I was actually really disappointed with this episode's animation. The eyes(Shion and Rena) mostly was what let me down. What happened to the evil eyes of Episode 2-4?
Those eyes are reserved for when Rena is in her higurashi killer mode

Though this episode was full of Satoko and Rika cuteness, there was one particular shot I really really reeally liked

OMG Rena's sitting height is the same as satoko's, I never noticed that untill now... >_< kyaaaa *wants to kidnap Rena same way Rena kidnapped Rika*
after seeing watanagashi then this, I feel like they turned the sugoi-moe-protective-onee-chan-like-reliable-person-Rena into moe-moe-loli-little-Rena, and I can't help falling for her like this tooRena:heart:
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