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Originally Posted by Nvis View Post
Am I the only one that thinks Shanks has the power(DF?) to see the Future? Or a power similar to King Bradley from FMA.

"Bets my left arm" on Luffy.

And he warned White Beard that he should recall Ace before he fights with Black Beard. (or else he'll lose).
Remember he saves Luffy from the Sea King in Chapter One? He swims. While he could have eaten that devil fruit afterwards (which would be FREAKIN AWESUM btw).. but how could have "bet his arm on a new age" back then--- maybe he just uses haki. Who knows, nobody knows what haki truly is, save for Oda himself, so he could just be able to see far in the future, i guess as opposed to mantra, which can see a little into the future.
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