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Originally Posted by Geekodot View Post
There is no reason for the one who kills Natsuhi and Nanjo to be the same person who planted the bomb. The bomber might already be dead, you know... If you go with this theory, you should look for someone who never makes it to the end to be the bomber.

There is a very very high chance that there are more than one murderer and different motives going around. If Kanon was the murderer in Episode 1 and killed Natsuhi, then he wouldn't know about the bomb if it was prepared by Krauss (just an example)... and the bomber himself wouldn't be saved because he was killed in the first twilight.
But why would someone who is able to plant bombs in an unknown location, maybe the underground, and has therefore complete access to the island and knowledge about the family conference and the individual locations of the people at the end of those days, why would such a person be unknown to the real culprit?
It is not like Rokkenjima is a huge island, we know it spans only 2km in length and therefore maybe 1km to the sides. It's not like two parties planning the demise of a family through an almost apocalyptic scenario could work alongside each other, in the same location, without ever noticing each other. At least it is hardly believable.

If there was someone planting bombs among the first victims, it is very much possible that the culprit knew about them, therefore it would be going along with his plan and I still do not see a good enough reason to plant a bomb risking to be killed along with it, if he/she goes through the hassle of killing those people individually.
If a bomb was part of the plan it would have been unneccessay to kill them in such a fashionable manner in the first place...that is why I can still not quite believe in an orchestrated grand scale destruction of the crime scene in the first place...unless that person would know about what is happening in the Meta-world, which would hint the existence of magic and therefore make a bomb feel cheap.

It is very well hinted that Natsuhi (EP1), Battler (EP2), Nanjo (EP3) and again Battler (EP4) met someone in the mansion at the end of the last day, who then killed them. It could very well always be someone different, unconnected to the murders, but for that the people killed are to randomly picked.
I still just don't see any reason or evidence pointing towards a bomb...but of course if you have a fool proof theory how a bomber and a culprit orchestrating the murders could exist alongside, I'll gladly listen to it.
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