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Originally Posted by Whitemoon648 View Post
I am confused of heart transfers at the moment. Mainly the Smoker/Tashigi one.

Didn't Law take a way Smoker's heart? So is it safe to assume Law transferred Tashigi's heart to Smoker?

Can some one explain it to me ?

Does any one else think maybe law and Rayleigh are related? Like blood related or at least have some history with each other.
Clearly, the physical real "heart" he cuts out of people is not the same as the comical heart-shaped thing he swaps people with.
Those, I assume, are actually the soul of the person. And that would explain why the peronality is attached to it.

It seems Oda wrote CC's name out in English in the original Japanese raw, as Ceaser Clown.
Whatever Oda says, is cannon.

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