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Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
One thing in particular that should be pointed out is that the helmets themselves don't actually give you the power to defy, it merely enables you to defy with the powers you already have.

And the fact that every person is already fully capable of such wanton violence, well, there's a reason we see Makishima holding Heart of Darkness.

So when the Panopticon falls, you just have to ask yourself whether what we're seeing is the truth nature of man, or simply the enabled darkness within him.
Sorry to bring up Madoka again, but it's interesting that you brought up the Panopticon there. Sybil can be thought of a, umm, less fuzzy version of the Panopticon. The Panopticon was also the brainchild of utilitarian philosopher Jeremy Bentham.

And we probably know which Urobuchi character was also a devoted utilitarian. (Makishima of course also shares that character's "ends justify the means" philosophy.)

I guess Gen has a bit of a beef with utilitarianism.
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