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So it seems like this whole helmet thing has been less a part of some kinda master plan on Makishima's part, and more of him indulging in the * interests* of one of his killers. The only difference is that this has been on a larger scale than his previous engagements. The main goal of the helmet riots has largely been as a distraction to get the apparently EXTREMELY paltry law enforcement manpower* away from the building that they believe ins housing Sybill. One certainly must wonder what reasons went behind building a blatant integrated super compute in one place.

*I'm not entirely sure that the crisis that unfolded with the riots is really a sign that average person under the Sybill system is a sheep. It certainly didn't take long at all for common citizens to start fighting back against the spree killers...FAR sooner than the police. And frankly I don't think the reason for that is because of the helmets. Not when you have facial recognition software that could identify groups of helmeted people, along with citizens growing recognition of the threat and calling the police.

Frankly it looks like they just didn't have enough security personnel to go in and knock heads. Which brings a question to mind. What if instead of helmets, Makishima had outfitted all these people with guns (very simple mechanical tools compared to the electronic helmets)? The CID lacks the manpower or tactical organization and training to deal with protracted shootouts.

Frankly I'm a bit amazed that a state security apparatus this weak hasn't fallen apart yet.

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Makishima is truly a genius, too bad he's so evil..
Makishima is less of a genius, and more of a wizard. He's kinda like the Joker, in that he can materialize expendable homicidal maniacs out of nowhere.
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