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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
Deep down, two facts cause the over reaction:

1. KyoAni is a desirable studio. You may not like the subject matter they animate, but they do good work. This is not in dispute.
2. KyoAni maintains their reputation by limiting their output.

This means if there is a type of anime you want KyoAni to make, and they don't make it this season, it means you won't see anything else from them for 6 months. Despite popular claims that say everything they do is the same, there are a diverse group of fans who all want KyoAni to animate shows catering to THEM specifically. This mean any and every new release would anger large groups no matter what the show is. All because they don't want to wait another 6 months to gamble for a show they like in the next release.

Free! actually adds new fans to the works. There were always female fans, but no doubt people who never heard of KyoAni will now join the already large fanbase. And this means even more cramped internet arguments on what KyoAni should make. Fans hate healthy competition, they would like total control over a franchise like how IdolM@ster is.

The ironic thing? Studio Do will almost certainly improve the output of the KyoAni studio overall by adding more employees. So we should be celebrating. But well, fans can be blind to good news.
Oh I don't doubt their aesthetic skills. But it's like hating upon a popular and skilled PIXIV artist for not painting the kind of illustrations you want....They do what they want to and that's that. It's not as if you can control them so why bother getting worked up no?

There's tons of other studios around doing good work too...The Sunrise division that made Horizon, UFOTable, Shaft, Silver Link (IMO) etc.

And besides some bishounen anime once in a while can't hurt either
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